Nail & Hairdressing Supply Wholesalers: Making the Right Choice for Your Salon

When it comes to beauty supplies in Australia, there's a plethora of options. Thousands of wholesalers offer every product imaginable, whether it's hairdressing supplies, nail supplies, makeup, etc - you name it, they've got it. For someone new to the nail & hairdressing industries, or even a seasoned proprietor, it can be difficult to navigate efficiently through the abundance of choices on offer. Luckily, by keeping two key points in mind, the experience can be made much simpler, giving you more time to focus on your handiwork.

Local vs International

The choice between local or international products depends on what sort of salon you're looking to run. For nails, famous international brands definitely have the advantage of name recognition, but in recent years, customers have become much more open to trying smaller, more local brands. If you're interested in an international, catwalk fashion-type vibe, using and decking out your displays with big brand nail supplies is the way to go. On the other hand, specialising in local products will allow you to fill a growing niche and differentiate your salon from the rest of the market. However, when it comes to hairdressing supplies, the opposite is often true. Local supplies tend to be of the big brand, mass produced variety, while hairdressing supplies from the Middle East or South Korea, for example, are considered more artisanal.

Of course, a mix of the two is always an option. Experimenting with many different products until you find the combination that provides you with the best results will provide you with the highest quality outcomes, but it is more difficult to market. Still, once you establish a client base, they won't stop coming back!

Specialised vs General

Some wholesalers simply stock everything, while others specialise in specific areas or brands. The former option is often great for picking up the most basic supplies or big brand products, while the latter gives you a chance to pick up nail and hairdressing supplies that are more specific to your needs. For example, a specialist wholesaler will generally offer higher quality acrylic nails or nail art supplies than one that stocks all the nail supplies under the sun. This is also relevant to the International vs Local question, as wholesalers who specialise in specific types of supplies are more likely to stock local products, while wholesalers who specialise in products from certain regions are also an excellent way to secure a supply of desirable, but hard-to-find international products, such as the aforementioned Middle Eastern hairdressing supplies.

The nail & hairdressing industry is a competitive one, and being conscious of how you choose your supplies is a great way to help your salon stand out. By keeping the two big choices outlined here in mind, making the right decision for your business will be a piece of cake.